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Achieve fitness with our help!

Made a promise to yourself to get fit in 2008? If you did, you're not alone. Many of our patients make this same promise to themselves however find it hard to get motivated once the summer months are over. The physios in this practice can help.

We can recommend exercises that are designed specifically for you to achieve your desired level of fitness. The more you repeat and become aware of an activity, the easier it becomes. Our practice looks at types of exercises/activities, specific workloads, duration of activities/sessions and intensity guidelines and can devise a plan to help you achieve your target fitness level. [More...]

Watch your back when watering!

Summer may be over, and the hot weather on the decline, but that doesn't mean you won't spend time watering your plants. Lugging litres of water to and around the garden can increase your risk of injury, particularly for older people.

We wish to advise our patients, especially our older ones how to avoid these injuries whilst watering. [More...]


Cricket is one of the most popular summer sports in Western Australia played by men and women of all ages. Although at times Cricket may not appear as one of the most active sports it is accountable for a large percentage of injuries from all summer sports. [More...]

Lighten the educational load!

On a daily basis, your child may lug more the five kilograms to and from school in their backpack. This concerns us as there is a connection between loads carried and reports of unhealthy spinal symptoms including low back, shoulder and neck pain. [More...]

Protect yourself from injuries this winter

Playing sport and/or exercising in cold weather places extra demands on your body. A drop in your core body temperature of just 1°C causes your muscles to shiver, which can lead to low blood sugar levels and reduced sporting performance. It can also mean injuries. [More...]

Off to the Snow?

Winter 2008 is here and many people will head to the snow for a well earned break. While skiing comes naturally to some, others spend most of their time unsuccessfully negotiating the equipment and terrain. Whatever your level of experience, skiing can be hazardous and contribute to injury. [More...]

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